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SYM 100.3 Battle Lantern
SYM 101.3 Battle Lantern
SYM 100.3L Battle Lantern

SYM 101.3L Battle Lantern

JMC’s design fulfills requirements of MIL-DTL-16377/53D.  (1) Battery charger circuit consists of solid state electronics with sealed switches, referred to as charger/control unit. (2) LED assembly to indicate charging status. (3) Sealed non- sparking test switch. (4) Water tight vent to eliminate gases.




Power Input

115 VAC

110-220 VAC

Maximum Charging Current

500 mA

500 mA

Operating Temp Range

 0° to 122° F

0° to 122° F

High Voltage Cutoff

6.9 nominal

6.9 V

Low Voltage Cutoff

5.25 V nominal

5.25 V

Maximum Recharge Time

12 hours

5-6 hours

Lamp Burn Time

LED Burn Time

4 hours minimum

5.5—8 hours

30+ hours


water tight, eliminate gases from interior of lantern

Vent allows gases to escape
Water/dust proof to IP69K

Status Indicator

LED indicator--fully charged
and charging battery.

1) LED#1 bi-color (Red/Green)
indicates charging status

Electronic and switching

Solid state- sealed switches

Solid state with sealed switches


Sealed Test switch  periodic testing of lamp or LED

Sealed Test switch for periodic testing.

Lamp Sealed Incandescent

White LED

Industry No. 4546  4.7 V

NSN 6230-01-531-7844
NSN 6230-01-530-7845

Industry No. 4546  4.7 V


6V sealed lead acid spring terminal

6V sealed lead acid spring terminal



Connect lantern to 120 or 220 VAC power.

LED assembly is a bi-colored LED (Red/Green). LED blinks Green/Red 10-15 seconds when unit is first connected to 120 VAC power supply to indicate all components of the unit are working correctly. This 15 second cycle checks the battery and the charging circuit.

LED blinks GREEN when unit is in full charging mode.

LED turns SOLID GREEN when battery is charged to high voltage cutoff point (6.9) and stays steady Green indicating battery is charged and in maintenance charging mode.

LED blinks RED as charger tests the Battery if remains blinking 1 minute replace the Battery.

LED SOLID RED indicated Battery failure.

No LED illumination with AC connection indicates charger failure.

The lantern may be used anytime during the charge cycle without damage to the battery.

When connected to AC power, in the event of a power outage, the lamp/LED will turn on after a three second delay. The condition of the battery will determine the length of the charge and burn time. Both times will shorten as the battery ages.



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Jay Moulding Corporation manufactures a variety of lanterns, retrofit kits, assemblies and replacement parts in accordance with U.S. military standards and specifications. Lanterns manufactured by Jay Moulding can be found in the U.S. Navy’s Standard Electrical Symbol List.

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